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Zero Defect Cold
Headed Parts
Past Projects Cold Heading of Stainless
Steel SEMS Fastener for
the Automotive,
Appliance & Medical
Converting Stainless
Steel Fasteners from
Screw Machine to Cold
Headed for the
Automotive & Electronics
CNC Machined Octogon Milled Locating PinMulti-Spindle CNC Turning
of a Copper Female Pin
Receptacle for the
Automotive Industry

About Jeffrey-Jae Corporation

Jeffrey-Jae Company, Inc. has been supplying parts to the electronic, appliance, and medical industry for 40+ years. Our screw machine facilities include, but are not limited to CNC/CAM, Multi-Spindle, Swiss, Escomatic, and Davenport manufacturing centers.

Our Cold-Heading operations include 1 through 4 blow headers as well as open-die capabilities. We offer full secondary support and in-house tooling capabilities. We specialize in parts from .07" to 3.5" diameter and problem parts are our forte'.

We are happy to help you with all your machined component needs. Feel free to contact directly at 847.808.2002 or email us with your prints or questions.

With 40+ years of technical manufacturing experience, the Jeffrey-Jae Company, Inc. will prove to be an invaluable asset to your company. We look forward to the opportunity to grow with you.

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