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CNC Screw Machining of a Stainless Steel Keying Pin for the Electronics Industry

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Our customer approached us with a cost related issue involving a stainless steel keying pin design that they had been using. This part was extremely expensive due to excessive machine time and complex secondary operations. It required eight specific rotational keying locations, and therefore the design required the finished part to have an octagonal shape. The cost of manufacturing also needed to be brought down.

We achieved these goals, and more. Jeffrey-Jae's engineering team was able to coordinate expertise and state-of-the-art automated Swiss equipment to convert an expensive part to a reasonably priced one-primarily via transition to single machine, without secondary operations. Also, in order to be functional, the large milled flat along the shank needed to be oriented identically on each part. Utilizing five millimeter round stock we successfully achieved this goal, milling eight sides oriented identically around the outside edge of the part. Additionally, the customer required multiple variations on this concept for separate applications. This was yet another goal met by Jeffery-Jae's engineering team.

Moving this job over to the Jeffrey-Jae Corporation allowed the customer to show a 37% cost savings, as well as shorter lead-times on reorders via our industry leading stocking program. Using CNC screw machining, milling, passivation finish, and plating, we manufactured the highest quality product possible; Zero Defects is our standard. Delivery time for this keying pin was four weeks and volume has surpassed one million.

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Stainless Steel Keying Pin
Stainless Steel Keying Pin

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CNC Screw Machining Project Highlights

Product Name Stainless Steel Keying Pin
Product Description This was manufactured to reduce customer's cost and lead time on reorders.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Screw Machining
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 13 - 51mm (varies)
Diameter: 5mm
Tightest Tolerances +/- .004"
Finish Passivation
Material Used 303 Stainless Steel
Features Zero Defects Required
37% Cost Savings
Industry for Use Electronics / Computers
Standards Met Customer supplied print

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