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Zero Defects Program

Cold Headed Fasteners and the Zero Defect Conundrum

At the Jeffrey-Jae Company, Inc. we utilize several strategies to ensure our corporate wide goal of supplying Zero Defect parts. Let's summarize a few of the problems as well as the extraordinary lengths we go to in our effort to provide Zero Defect parts to you.

The violent process utilized in the manufacture of screws, and any cold-formed product for that matter, results in inconsistencies not encountered during the production of other machined, molded, or stamped type fasteners. Cold-heading is all about brute force being utilized to form the finished parts. Taking nominal diameter wire, hammering a head on to it, mauling material into the form of a thread, High temperature heat treating, finish plating, and final pack-off, all introduce variables that make the quest for ZERO DEFECTS the bane of our industry.

So...How is the Jeffrey-Jae Corporation able to offer screws and other cold-formed product at AQL's far superior to our competition? It's simple; we have better control over our processes and spare no expense in our quest for continual improvement. Jeffrey-Jae's industry leading commitment to quality is demonstrated, verified, and documented as follows:

  1. We only purchase premium grade wire stock to ensure consistency throughout the run.
  2. Modern State-of-the-art headers ensure theoretical Zero Defect (just 50PPM) off the machine.
  3. Only premium finishes that can be certified by X-ray. We never plate "commercial grade".
  4. Prior to final pack-off all product is 100% verified via any of our sorting process:
    1. Automated 360 Degree Laser Sorting
    2. Automated Eddy Current Sorting
    3. High magnification Mechanically Paced Vision Sorting
    4. Pace Optical 6 Axis Automatic Sort
    5. Mechanical Roll & Bowl Sorting
  5. Verified product is dropped directly into the final shipping container from the sorting line to virtually eliminate the possibility of foreign material being included with your shipment

Yes, there is some additional expense and bottom-line is important to all of us. Our 50+ years' experience in this business has taught us that the additional investment we make to ensure your satisfaction is well worth it and has enabled the Jeffrey-Jae Corporation to proudly claim the most satisfied customer's industry.

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